Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reevu motorcycle helmet Review

Reevu motorcycle helmet Review i posted in another post and showed you the latest on the helmet with a rear view mirror now i was flooded with email to do a quick review for starters the helmet is unique in it own rights, but pro forms very well i must say the fit and feel was perfect the mirror system was so good that i did not want to remove it, the helmet is very cool and the vent are well position it does not fog up as most riders would think this is a very good buy  for all motorcycle riders. the mirror is made from unbreakable material so you don't have to worry one of the best helmet i have seen so far.

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  1. Hi I purchased a reevu msx1 helmet

    I have found this helmet mirror system a great safety aid, at first is was a bit strange looking up into the mirror but after a few rides you get used to it, it dosen't give a 100% clear image like a car mirror mainly due to the size but does give a good excellent view of the road behind fills the gap between your bike mirrors excellent in traffic you will still need to do life savers.

    The build quality is excellent, looks great in matt black with a silver visor, the helmet feels light in comparison to my other helmet, i like fast release chin strap very easy to use even with gloves, i have never seen a strap like this one. Visability at the sides of the helmet is excellent, seems to have a increased view at the sides, road and wind noise is excellent compared to all my previous helmets, The vents system keeps my head cold when i closed them the helmet its very warm, I find the helmet very comfortable.

    I cannot wait to go karting i think it will be great to see where people are behind (block them off without looking)


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