Sunday, June 13, 2010

Motorcycle Schools in Canada

Motorcycle schools i have provide a list  of school and contact information for you refference

These are for limited speed Motorcycle

Fanshawe College          Phone: 519-452-4430
Rider Training Institute    Phone: 416-516-6151
Humber College             Phone: 416-798-0300

These are for full speed Motorcycle 

Sheridan College            Phone: 905-845-9430 ext 2690
Cambrian College           Phone: 705-566-8101 ext 7819
St. Clair College             Phone: 519-972-2727 ext  4608
Rider Training
Institue                           Phone: 416-516-6151
Ontario Motorcycle Safety
Association                    Phone: 1-866-433-4233


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