Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HJC CS-R1 Motorcycle Helmet Review

HJC CS-R1 Motorcycle Helmet Reviews The cs-r1 is about 80 bucks in the US, there is a couple of things  about it.   The helmet is a very basic helmet , it not the best i have ever seen it weight about 1600 gm and has a funny shape in the inside, there is a band that feel tight on my head when i am wearing it.

The air flow is very poor and the vent are very smooth which makes it difficult to move when i am wearing gloves, the visor get fogged up easily, and pop out to easy it making my head very sweaty, there are only two position  for the visor to open which is not very comfortable and the visor is extremely thin.

Overall i am very disappointed about this model of helmet there are a lot of small simple thing that could have been done but this is not the best choice of helmet.

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