Saturday, June 12, 2010

Green Transportation

Green transportation most rides think that when you make your motor bike green you have to give up performance,this is by no means true here are a couple of tips,  Go Green Travel Green’s Easy (and Safe) Hypermiling Tips,Inflate Your Tires (to the proper psi according to the manual,Don’t Brake If You Don’t Have To,Use Cruise Control (almost all the time),Multitask and Plan Your Route (make sure your route is efficient and you’re not backtracking),Drive the Speed Limit (or even a little slower on the highway).
   Most of the general public don't know how to make there motorcycle greener  so  they take public transportation and think that it is the best way,public transport is more costly if you do the math, some alternative ways of transportation and fact are listed above but most of all use common sense in the way you transport your self even watch video on how other people do it.and all ways remember to stay as green as you can.

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