Monday, June 14, 2010

Ducati Hypermotard Review

Ducati Hypermotard Review The riding position and technique was remarkably different from all other motorcycles I’ve tried  before. For the first time it is very different than i thought it would be, the riding position very different and the handling is not the same.

 It felt like i just got my motorcycle license, been that i am an experience rider and was able to anticipate the shifting and speed, it was still a different feel. I never owned one before but when my good friend ask me to give his a try i could not resist.

I find that this bike is good for some  back road and some long valley runs if this is your style of riding then this is the bike for you.

To conclude if you like the out back and sightseeing then this is your bike it is still  capable of doing lots of stunts and drifting but you will need a lot of practice even if you are a season rider. this was after riding this bike for about  6 hours.

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