Thursday, November 4, 2010

Motorcycle tryout Yamaha FZ6 Fazer

With the new  FZ6 Fazer, Yamaha have successfully created a one of the  smoothest  running  motorbike. Almost as good as a Honda and even much better, if you want my.The bike runs so smooth and effortless that it almost becomes  so bored. It is really  a very nice motorcycle , but the fairing was a bit to granddad i think . I like to feel the wind when I’m riding, but luckily Yamaha makes a naked model of the bike called just FZ6. I saw a FZ6  last summer in Paris..

Perfect Christmas present for the motorcycle enthusiast

Christmas holidays are getting dangerously closer. It’s time to figure out what to get the riders who spends all his time in the shop wrenching on that bike. you gave last year still doesn’t seem used at all does it
“The point of our calendar was to be earnest. We don’t feature bikinis in our calendar. We don’t have plastic playboy models. We have real women with real sweat cleaning up bikes in a real shop. Mz8Pac, the tough girl
 get them a book for dummies to do work around the house.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Schuberth R1 Motorcycle Helmet Review

The schuberth helmet is one of  the finest helmet in the world,the helmet is a lot lighter than the S1, the visor is nice and wide every thing is flush and it comes off very easy it goes up higher than most helmet,the lever rotate back and forth there an air pocket that seal the visor nice and tight.

The vent is very simple to open and there is a special design channel that keeps the noise level down with most schuberth it comes with a rotating sun visor but it stick out just a little bit, very nice helmet the liners are very comfortable there are three channel that Chanel the air thought the helmet correctly.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Girly motorcycle helmets

Girly motorcycle helmets just a few days ago i received am email that i like the fact that at least some companies are making gear specifically for women, most female really  like the pink helmets it is very bright, i have seen a lot of girls wearing them though.

Some girls want that but others prefer to look the same as the guys, helmet and boots follow the same pattern, though the difference is really only color and women can get identical items that appear exactly alike,Some female love to ride and be accepted as just another rider.

Enjoying the sport and sharpening their skills.taking in the scenery or getting a knee down, just like the guys many female riders deserve to  wear the same helmet and cloth because there are some really talented female rides, a good place to get girls helmet from is Amazon.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

carbon fiber motorcycle helmets

A large amount of sports helmets are made of fiberglass. While offering some protection fiberglass is not strong enough to withstand the bone shattering impact that can result from a motorcycle riders head impacting rock solid pavement, on the other hand helmets that are made from carbon fiber can take a great deal of punishment.
  Carbon fiber is five times the strength of steel and ten time lighter with this in mind it can be stretch, flex and better absorbed impact these carbon fiber helmets  are lighter durable than most helmets today made from fiberglass material. With such astrong material, it is now possible to make more compact helmets that are lighter and less bulky today which will increase the rider chance in the event of an accident.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Motorcycle helmet camcorder

Helmet cam it was said many years ago  that the helmet cam was a distraction to the motorcycle ride, but history prove this to be wrong helmet cam are so popular with riders that  is all most impossible to say that the motorcycle helmet camcorder  save life,give many evidence in court to clear some riders of wrong doing and to teach new riders the ropes about riding.
 Most new helmet does not comes with the cam but it can be easily installed into you old helmet  to get a cam with good quality you should look to spend around $300 or you can simply go to craigslist in your are and find a used one at a very good price. There are many youtube video that show how to install these cam.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Staying safe on your motorcycle,

Staying safe on your motorcycle  you may be riding for years but this does not mean your know every thing, the rules of the road sometimes change from year to year  and when they do you need to stay informed, on how to ride for these new changes.

Take a motorcycle safety class  some may say that they don't need it because they are riding for years, well this is the whole idea just because of that you feel comfortable and think that you can't get an accident. some riders may loose there touch so a little brush up won't hurt them.

Wear your helmet because you have been riding for year you are so confident that you don't need a helmet this is where you are wrong every time you step foot on that motorcycle you need to put that helmet on that is the most important thing you can do for your self and you family.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Helmer hair

Helmet hair what is a helmet hair this happen when motorcycle riders wear there helmet and mess up there hair, removing the helmet will result in there hair sticking up and out in many different direction causing what we call helmet hair hope this explain it

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scooter helmets toronto

Scooter helmets Toronto recently i was in the city of Toronto and i received a call from a very good friend asking me to get a scooter helmet, so i began my search but to my supprise i could not find one  so i checked around and found a place  called totally scooters located  at the bottom of the don valley parkway they really had some good helmet so i purchase one and the price was just right, another place  you can go to  is donkiz and Canadian tire, there you should be able to find a helmet to fit your need if you can't find one then please use our database to help you in your search.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Helmet lock for harley

Helmet lock for Harley one of the point i was trying to make when i created this blog was the importance of securing you helmet weather it is a Honda or Harley you must secure it just last night a very good friend on mine called me and said that his Harley helmet was stolen and if he had follow my advice he would have still got his expensive helmet, unfortunately my friend now has to spend more money to buy a decent helmet don't let this happen to you, please use a helmet lock.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Motorcycle stunt videos

Motorcycle stunt videos have a look at my collection of videos  
if you have a very good video and would like to post it here please contact us and we will be willing to post your video for you.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Motorcycle helmet that i airbrush

Motorcycle helmet that i air brush  Yesterday i bought a airbrush gun and paint to match my cycle, i decided to try out a couple of design that i found online to see which one is best for my helmet , after a couple a of  bad spray i went with the spider man style i will post a picture some time next week for you to view it.

Reevu motorcycle helmet Review

Reevu motorcycle helmet Review i posted in another post and showed you the latest on the helmet with a rear view mirror now i was flooded with email to do a quick review for starters the helmet is unique in it own rights, but pro forms very well i must say the fit and feel was perfect the mirror system was so good that i did not want to remove it, the helmet is very cool and the vent are well position it does not fog up as most riders would think this is a very good buy  for all motorcycle riders. the mirror is made from unbreakable material so you don't have to worry one of the best helmet i have seen so far.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Harley davidson helmets

Harley Davidson helmets  Stop don't buy a Harley helmet until you read this  just because you are riding a Harley. this does not mean you have to buy a Harley helmet, these helmet a quite expensive and from recent review, they don't provide a great amount of protection, some of the brand i would recommend for you to look at are bell  and avg before you decide or just use or database to see which is the best pick.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

High-Tech Motorcycle Helmets

High-Tech Motorcycle Helmets a British designer has come up with a very smart idea for the motorcycle helmet safety, taken from the idea for fighter pilots he integrated a GPS device that tell the rider what what speed he is traveling and much more this mean that the rider can keep his eyes on the road and even thought the inventor is not a rider he is very passionate about motorcycle an safety He believes the device will be a lifesaver and he would like to see it become a common accessory for motorbike riders within five years, used by both racers and everyday commuters. He is hoping that one of those big helmet company will implement his invention in there brand.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ducati Monster 696 Review

Ducati Monster 696 Review  This is the best example of  upgrading a motorcycle not just by changing the engine alone, there was many different rating on the ducati 696 model  and not all was perfect but i will give it my best opinion, This motorcycle is one of the best i have ever ride.

The riding position is extremely comfortable even if i was to let my grand mother ride it, i love the sound of the engine when you wring back the throttle she sound like a monster,this bike is good for city riding and around the town as well if this  is your style then this bike is for you,some may  want to take it off road that ok to but  not for a long period of time it begins to get a bit un comfortable.

You probably notice that this bike is well compact and and handle like a baby this is a perfect buy if you ask me just one of the best i have seen, thanks to my good biker Friend bob, who provided the motorcycle for review.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Database Motorcycle deaths

Do a quick search in our database  to see some of the world statistics on motorcycle deaths in the United States, Canada and many other countries  for the year 2007 to present, the latest data available and constantly updating. For a complete  list, simply choose  the right search term to enter in all Search. Or, choose one popular phrase  to search ,  it should return a total riders killed, the use of helmet, blood alcohol level, and the state's law on helmet use in a particular area.if you cant find what you are looking for please let us know so we can help you with that information.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ontario bill 117

Please read this information carefully 
An Act to amend the Highway Traffic Act to prohibit the driving and operation of motorcycles with child passengers

Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:

1. The Highway Traffic Act is amended by adding the following section:
Prohibition of passengers under 14 years old on motorcycles
38.1 No person shall drive or operate a motorcycle on a highway if another person under the age of 14 years is a passenger on the motorcycle.
2. This Act comes into force on the day it receives Royal Assent.

I support any adults choice to risk dieing while doing what they love, but there must be an age-of-reason at which such a choice can be made. A 12 year old who jumps on the back of his Dad's bike in blind trust of his father's abilities has not made that choice, it's been made of him.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

2010 Yamaha xt1200z super ténéré

The new 2010 - 2011 Yamaha xt1200z super ténéré is one of the best bike i have ever see Yamaha produce, the stealthy shape and the pure simplicity of the cycle makes you just want to get one right away. this is a new model and there are some of us who don't know what i am talking about so a decided to post a video a saw on YouTube for you to see.

I hope they bring this bike to the US and Canada soon for us to enjoy.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


hjc youth helmet automatically adjusts and grips wear heads of different sizes. The helmet has a rigid shell with shock absorbing foam pads secured to the interior of the shell. There is an elastic band that extend within the helmet, and the mid portion secured to the back of the helmet The two piece helmet is designed especially for the youngster that needs to get his helmet on and off quickly .

The V-shaped elastic band snugly cradles and forwardly biases the helmet on the wearer's head and tends to space the helmet from the wear as head at the sides and rear areas. The youth motorcycle helmet is known as a half-face, and in combination with a half mask provides the same function as adult motorcycles helmet. The helmet is believed particularly useful in youth games which have limited budgets and time to individually fit helmets to riders' heads.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bikers blog

,Biker blog  over the past couple of months this motorcycle helmet blog was favored among the top motorcycle and bikers blog online, due to the large increase in traffic and post to my site, most of my biker friends came here to seek knowledge and returned over and over again to find out what ever information they desire thanks to all of my readers and visitors this is one of the best biker blog on line with a growing large traffic.just remember what ever you need to find out about motorcycle helmet, and  motorcycle it here just use our database to find what ever you need.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are momo design helmets approved for motorcycle

Are momo design helmets approved for motorcycle i have been receiving a lot of email about this type of helmet and was asked to create a article for my readers yes these helmet are approved for motorcycle recent information reaching or office state that these helmet are very safe despite there appearance if you have any updated information please feel free to let us know.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tips for dirt bike riders

Motorcycle Helmet, and tips for dirt bike riders.
Whether you are a beginner or veteran rider it is important that you take extreme safety precautions while riding high-speed motorcycles, you should also use the motorcycle throttle lock with caution since accident risks are higher with these powerful machines.
Since Bike riders spend most of their time doing stunts, racing, riding on steep hills, uneven ground and rough terrain, the Helmet becomes the most important component of a biker safety gear. Choosing the right equipment should not be based only on the style or design but on the degree of protection, safety and comfort it can provide to the rider remember, to wear your motorcycle safety helmets

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twitter motorcycle helmets

Twitter motorcycle helmets i recently join the tweeting world of twitter to let all my readers know about the latest information and blog post, we have on the world most popular site called twitter. I was advice by one  of my most trusted biker friend  if i want to increase my blog size then i must use the services of this website to do so you can find us online on twitter at motorcycle helmets. twitter.please do follow us as we try to provide the best and latest information.about motorcycle and helmets.

Honda motorcycle helmets Reviews

Honda motorcycle helmets  Can Honda make a helmet like they make a bike well, i think we all should know that answer yes,  they are one of the top manufacture of motorcycles but there helmet are way in the future Honda spend a great amount of time and money on there helmet design model and materials some are even saying that Honda has the safest helmet on the market to date. I  recommend you keep it simple if you have a Honda bike buy a Honda helmet and ride into the deep horizon

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ktm 125 Review

Ktm 125 Review This bike is one of the best  bike in it class light weight and easy to handle,not to mention cheap. the ktm is very easy to start and fires almost every time  you try to start it even when it is cold, we find that this bike seems to be very small but despite that it is a little fat at the button and slim on the top which make it easier for some riders and gives you good balance, putting this bike trough the trees is a breeze, it handle so good that i felt it was to perfect never the less this bike is perfect for off road i found no fault with this bike and recommended it to any one. the parts are very easy to get and cheap as well,fuel is not a question this baby don't burn fuel you could go mile and won't have to worry if you are looking for a perfect mix this this is your bike..

kawasaki green helmet

Kawasaki green helmet  the green helmet from this company is so intriguing that most motor bike riders are trading in they old helmet and buying this model, some are even say that it a way for bikers to say that they are helping the environment  which is a great thing.the Scorpion has a few green helmets and so does some of the other big manufacture such as Avg and Bell.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Honda motorcycle malaysia

Honda motorcycle Malaysia   Honda is a world wide brand that everyone loves,even in country like Malaysia there brand is seeing huge growth most of the traffic in this country is motorcycles and it would only make sense to use one that is very fuel efficient, with   readily available parts, parts make a big difference  having a bike and cant get replacement for  it would make no sense, this is why i think Malaysian use Honda malaysia motorbike so much.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Motorcycle helmets Albuquerque new mexico

Motorcycle helmets Albuquerque new Mexico  using a helmet in this region of the globe is not as simple as you may think there are a lot of different thing you must take  into consideration, the weather it is extremely hot in this area and most riders would prefer a half face helmet or an open face, over a full face just because of the weather so if you are relocating please take this into consideration.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Best motorcycle helmets Idaho

Best motorcycle helmets  Idaho i keep this short and sweet if you r wondering which helmet is the best motorcycle helmet  to use in Idaho the there could only be one answer and that would be Hjc motorcycle helmets, why is this some recent information  state that you choice of helmet has a lot to do with your location and for this location it hjc.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Helmets for motorcycles in Colorado

Helmets for motorcycles in Colorado ever since my good friends referred me to Performance Cycle of Colorado i was hooked this place is the place you want to be when you are looking for motorcycle helmets and parts in Denver Colorado, they have everything  you can think about and the price is ridiculous some of the brand they carry are Honda, Joe Rocket, Kawasaki, KTM, MX, Suzuki, Yamah ATVs, Avon, Batteries, Bikers Choice, Chains, Clothing, Dunlop, Scorpion, Araii, Shoei, HJC, Fox, Troy Lee, Dunlop,avg scorpion.if you can find it they can get it very profinal service the best i have seen.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Agv helmets uk

Agv helmets UK in the united kingdom you can get top quality avg helmets, the best place i found for these helmet was in a small area south east of London there you can get the best of avg products  we can't seem to remember the name of the place  at this time so if any one have updated information on where you can get avg helmet in the UK please feel free to let us know so that we can spread the word or just simply leave it in a comment.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Old style motorcycle helmets

Old style motorcycle helmets  the motorcycle helmets has come a long way since the 1970 back in the days when the development was just new the helmets was made from many different materials and such material did not do much good but only cause more injury to ones head just because of the material been use.

 Then came polymer, carbon fiber and foam and many more which has improve the survival rate ten times recent study shows that there at more accident now than before but the helmet are doing a great job in protecting there riders, if you are interested in accident stats please use or database.

Motorcycle helmets canada

Motorcycle helmets Canada Canada's largest motorcycle helmets and accessories online retailer. Arai, HJC, Shoei, Icon,i try searching for a good quality helmet manufacture in Canada but could only come up with a lot of small retailers and second hand seller so where in Canada can i find a decent helmet one good friend said to try Canadian tire so i will do that on Monday. to see what i can find

Bell Star Helmet Review

Bell star helmet
Bell Star Helmet  Review it is surprisingly good and  a beauty,  the quality is good and the helmet has a nice shape light weight at 1500gm  a bargain price to booth, the helmet has a modern shape, and a  thin gasket at the bottom.

You could tell a lot of work went into this helmet it has a chin curtain and the visor lifting device is very easy to use one of the best i have  ever seen  it also has micro adjusting, the top vent is very effective and the exhaust hole at the back is very cool and efficient the smooth style and spoiler at the back give the helmet a cool look.

It's cool design and shape  help it rating  this is one of the  top ten helmet for 2010 and i can see why, it's  a very good helmet for you to use. this is the flag ship of the bell helmet overall must have if your are a motorcycle rider.
Bell star helmet picture

One of the best features about this  helmet is the sleek shape and cool design, the new Bell Star not only looks great, but  it has a vast amount  of features that are unique.  We love  to see how these features work during the  ride, so let's hope a that bell can match it own self .  Here are some photos above, and then will describe our first impressions:

Monday, June 21, 2010

New suzuki motorcycle models

New Suzuki motorcycle models every year this company come out with a couple of new motorcycle model and it is safe to say that the best place to find these updated model is at there own website and see what is the next new thing here i listed one of the new model for this time.

2010 suzuki motorcycles picture

2010 Suzuki motorcycles picture Suzuki is one of the top makers of motorcycle and the 2010 model is super fast and stylish just look at this beautiful picture i found.

motorcycle helmet chin strap

motorcycle helmet chin straps when it comes to your helmet a perfect fit is a must but without the right chin strap this could all go in vain you need to position your strap properly, ensuring that it is tight and well rested.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

AGV Helmet Sizing Charts

AGV Helmets
21 1/4
22 3/4
23 1/2
24 3/8
24 3/4

Please use the information above to fine the perfect helmet for you head you remember that this is just for agv,each helmet brand has it own so don't use this for another brand.

Parrot SK4000 review

Parrot SK4000 review  this system is pretty good to me and straight forward, i love YouTube video and this is how most of my fans say that they learn very well when they can see it so i did a little research and found this one hope this answer some of the emails. 

Please we also encourage you to leave some feed back please also visit the owner of the video youtube page and leave a positive feed back.

kawasaki disease Not Related

kawasaki disease I was flooded with email today so i decides to make this post to let my readers and fan know that they don't have to worry, most of  my readers was concern that this was something to do with the motorcycle company kawasaki  but it does not. It clinically resembles scarlet fever and toxic shock syndrome  diagnosis – presence of fever or   five  days and presence of four of the following: bilateral conjunctivitis, exanthem.

So i just want to make shore that you don't have to worry  it affect young kids but you should only worry if you are in an infected area. it looks similar to scarlet fever, consistent with red rash and strep trout like symptoms, aslo soars on the tongue and mouth. i also posted a picture of what it might look like if you have it.

kawasaki disease symptoms include rash, soar trout, fever itching some burning eyes, and scarlet fever symptoms.

gps motorcycle helmet

GPS motorcycle helmet when it come to safety you want the best getting lost is no option this is why the new helmet are coming out with GPS built in to them use or database to find all you helmets needs,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New airoh sv55s bluetooth helmet

New airoh sv55s bluetooth helmet review i came across this head set and decided to do a short review
The Airoh SV55S helmet is fitted with the Airoh W-Conn blue tooth telephone, and rider to rider communication kit. It can also connect with a sat nav or a mp3 player this system  was not very impressive at all.

The sound and clarity was very poor and does not seen to transmit very well it claim that it has one button push operation but this does not seen to be true the button had to be touch a number of time before this was to communicate. 

Sat Nav way very bad and was always loosing signal not a very good pick good blootooth  helmet device.

How To Set Up Your PS3 Bluetooth Headset

How To Set Up Your PS3 Blue tooth Headset i came across this YouTube video which was very help full for me to set up my head set to this game system so i decide to share it with you so you can be able to do the same some times it takes a video just to get some simple things wright

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets

Blue tooth motorcycle helmets when you attempt to communicate from a motorcycle or moped, there are a number of issues that make things difficult,This is where blue tooth technology is starting to come to the rescue. A blue tooth helmet include headsets, that is made up of a set of headphones, with a microphone attached to them, this make communication between you and your passenger or some one in a nearby vehicle. there are many different type out there the this is best for your safety blue tooth motorcycle helmet by diy designs a great choice.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Motorcycle helmets in Mississauga

Motorcycle helmets in Mississauga  i have been receiving a lot of email that rider in Mississauga find it difficult to get a good motorcycle helmets there are a couple of place you can go in this area one such place is, Canadian tire and another one is
Bent bikes  :
(905) 273-3717
2533 Wharton Glen Ave   Mississauga GTA

Canadian Tire 
(905) 272-4800
1156 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON
Fax:(905) 272-3064

Please let us know about your experience here i have been to both places and find that there are some good selection on bike gears and helmets.from time to time some of these stores has good sales where you can catch some good deals.

Motorcycle Blog

Motorcycle Blog  We have a blog on motorcycle riding helmet reviews and any thing that has to do with motorcycle and helmets this blog has been on line since 2008 and will continue for a very long time weather you are just a rider or simple seeking some information we have it here in or database.

Brad Pitt shopping for new motorcycle in Japan

Brad Pitt shopping for new motorcycle and helmet in japan recent news said that brad Pitt crash his motorcycle The actor, is in Tokyo to promote his latest movie, "Inglourious Bastards," said he trashed his favorite bike recently while trying to escape overzealous photographers, so now he is looking around for a new bike which brand will he choose and what helmet will he wear.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Smallest motorcycle helmets

Smallest motorcycle helmets one of the smallest helmet i have ever seen was one made by the German this helmet was so small that not even a kid would be able to use it properly, and not only that the helmet was also approved by DOT this was a couple of years ago i found a picture of what the helmet design was when it was made first to find out more on this please use or database.

Cheap agv helmets

Cheap agv helmets one of the worst things you can do is to pay to much for a over priced helmets most times 
agv helmets sale are so often you can pick up one at a very good price, and the quality is one of the best one of my favourite are the Valentino rossi avg helmet, the feel  and the comfort that this helmet give  is  unbelievable if you are looking to buy one then this is a very good pick just see there site often for sale in the USA.

Should Motorcycle Helmets Be Optional?

Should Motorcycle Helmets Be Optional?   Making a motorcycle helmets optional in the state of Pennsylvania  was signed into law by Governor Rendell, bringing an end to the state's 30 year old mandatory motorcycle helmet law. From past reports helmet should be used at all time if you are riding a motorcycle this saves life  The new law, which mandates helmets only for riders under 21, and for those with less than two years of riding experience unless they've passed a rider education course, goes into effect on October 5, 2003 to present.

Do you think this was the best decision for the riders or was this just to help increase revenue for the motorcycle company.or it just put young people in harms way.

AGV Evolution Ti-Tech Helmet Review

AGV Evolution Ti-Tech Helmet   The Italian base company put there helmet on top riders like Valentino Rossi, so we decided to spend $650 to buy one of these avg  Evolution Ti Tech  and put it trough the test and here is what we found out.

The Ti-Techs performance surprised us. For starters, the helmet's fit was so tight that we had to remove it several times just to feel comfortable. We thought that would diminish as the liner broke in, but this was not the case it fitted that way for a long time and was reported by two owners of this model for 6 months.

While riding around town on the highway and trough traffic the helmet seem to toughed when you make a sudden stop on pressure is applied. but it light weight and shape make it feel good for high speed. after washing the liner it did not make any difference the helmet still was tight an uncomfortable. the design and shape is nice but your comfort is not there.

I f you are looking for a helmet just to use for a short high speed run this this is your pick but if you are using an every day helmet then this is not the right one for you.

Brain-cooling motorcycle helmet could save lives

Brain-cooling motorcycle helmet could save lives,the ThermaHelm, this incredible piece of equipment comes with an inbuilt device that acts like an instant ice pack after a sudden act like an instant ice pack the Inventor and motorcycling enthusiast,The helmet contains two lightweight chemical packs, which are built into the helmet lining.

One pack contains water, the other ammonium nitrate. A sudden impact causes the two to mix and trigger a 'cooling' reaction. it was once said that if your brain can remain cool after trauma you reduce the risk of brain damage.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ride to work day

Ride to work day All motorcycle, scooter and moped riders are encourage to ride your motorcycle cycle to work on Monday June 21 2010 let every one know that we are seeking to improved employer recognition and support for this form of transportation and increased public and government awareness of the positive value of work.

Riding to work on this day is fun and make every aware of the importance motorcycle play in or society all way renumber to wear your helmets when riding on this day.

Motorcycle helmet new information

The Department of Transportation Wednesday June 16, 2010  has increase its efforts to regulate so called novelty motorcycle helmets out of it's existence.  The Proposed new safety regulations will require that all DOT label on the back of safety-certified helmets be made much larger and harder to remove. Unscrupulous vendors sometimes remove the DOT labels from certified helmets and place them on their non-certified novelty helmets. The proposed regulation would also strengthen the DOT helmet safety certification the US and Canada this will mean that it will be harder for riders to fake the real helmet label, it is better to play it by the book when it come to motorcycle helmets than to cheat.

Street Legal Moped local

A Street Legal Moped could also be bought from your local motorbike shop. There is generally no problem in getting one from these shops as they sell street legal mopeds.but one of the problems riders are facing is what type of helmet to wear,

Everyone likes to be one step ahead of the next person or there friends. Whether it be the latest  phone or the most fashionable jacket or helmet

Be sure to wear a helmet and a jacket while riding a moped. Although the moped is an easy vehicle to ride be shore to take safety into consideration not fashion and enjoy your moped that is street legal,

Some moped can go faster than a motorcycle there are many tips and trick you can do i will tell you in an next post.

HJC CS-R1 Motorcycle Helmet Review

HJC CS-R1 Motorcycle Helmet Reviews The cs-r1 is about 80 bucks in the US, there is a couple of things  about it.   The helmet is a very basic helmet , it not the best i have ever seen it weight about 1600 gm and has a funny shape in the inside, there is a band that feel tight on my head when i am wearing it.

The air flow is very poor and the vent are very smooth which makes it difficult to move when i am wearing gloves, the visor get fogged up easily, and pop out to easy it making my head very sweaty, there are only two position  for the visor to open which is not very comfortable and the visor is extremely thin.

Overall i am very disappointed about this model of helmet there are a lot of small simple thing that could have been done but this is not the best choice of helmet.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Electric bikes that fly

Electric bikes that fly KABS Motors Electric Bicycle, is one of the fastest  bike that i have ever seen this bike moves so fast that you think that it is flying no joke you might think that i am making this up well just do a little search on it and see for your self let us know with some good feed back.

Motorcycle helmets with expiry dates 2010

Motorcycle helmets with expiry dates should you replace your motorcycle helmet for safety reason. recent study in Malaysia have shown that the ministry of transportation want to stamp motorcycle helmet with expiry date for a maximum of five years,it state that a helmet more than five year old will not offer any protection to the rider because it has deteriorated over the years should the us and Canadian safety board do the same?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ducati Hypermotard Review

Ducati Hypermotard Review The riding position and technique was remarkably different from all other motorcycles I’ve tried  before. For the first time it is very different than i thought it would be, the riding position very different and the handling is not the same.

 It felt like i just got my motorcycle license, been that i am an experience rider and was able to anticipate the shifting and speed, it was still a different feel. I never owned one before but when my good friend ask me to give his a try i could not resist.

I find that this bike is good for some  back road and some long valley runs if this is your style of riding then this is the bike for you.

To conclude if you like the out back and sightseeing then this is your bike it is still  capable of doing lots of stunts and drifting but you will need a lot of practice even if you are a season rider. this was after riding this bike for about  6 hours.

Bikers blog

bikers blog if you are a biker or the owner of a motorcycle them you need to subscribe to this blog we have updated information on motorcycle helmet and motor bike, feel free to visit us at any time when ever you need information on motorcycle.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Motorcycle Schools in Canada

Motorcycle schools i have provide a list  of school and contact information for you refference

These are for limited speed Motorcycle

Fanshawe College          Phone: 519-452-4430
Rider Training Institute    Phone: 416-516-6151
Humber College             Phone: 416-798-0300

These are for full speed Motorcycle 

Sheridan College            Phone: 905-845-9430 ext 2690
Cambrian College           Phone: 705-566-8101 ext 7819
St. Clair College             Phone: 519-972-2727 ext  4608
Rider Training
Institue                           Phone: 416-516-6151
Ontario Motorcycle Safety
Association                    Phone: 1-866-433-4233


Harley davidson motorcycle school

Harley Davidson motorcycle school in Ontario Canada most new riders want to be able to do a couple of things when it comes to there bike one is to fixed it when it is broken and two ride it well you can do both of this if you are living in Canada or the us  just go to Sheridan college  (Seneca ) and register you are well on your way in just a couple of short months you will no longer be a newbie, they have many location in Ontario such as oak vile Brampton and Mississauga.

cheap motorcycle helmets in tyler texas

cheap motorcycle helmets in Tyler Texas for all my Texas readers and fans,  if you are looking for a cheap motorcycle helmet in your area you can use a number of different source one of the best and cheapest is to go to a site called Craiglist .org  and select your area which is Texas, there you can find hundreds of sellers who are willing to sell there helmet in your local home town for a fraction of the price and these helmets are in very good condition.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Green Transportation

Green transportation most rides think that when you make your motor bike green you have to give up performance,this is by no means true here are a couple of tips,  Go Green Travel Green’s Easy (and Safe) Hypermiling Tips,Inflate Your Tires (to the proper psi according to the manual,Don’t Brake If You Don’t Have To,Use Cruise Control (almost all the time),Multitask and Plan Your Route (make sure your route is efficient and you’re not backtracking),Drive the Speed Limit (or even a little slower on the highway).
   Most of the general public don't know how to make there motorcycle greener  so  they take public transportation and think that it is the best way,public transport is more costly if you do the math, some alternative ways of transportation and fact are listed above but most of all use common sense in the way you transport your self even watch video on how other people do it.and all ways remember to stay as green as you can.

who makes nolan motorcycle helmets

who makes Nolan motorcycle helmets the Nolan company made these helmet in 1972 by Lander nocchi, the company is located in Italy and the helmet was created for a main purpose of light weight safe crash helmet, the helmet popularity grow over the years and are now one of the top 20 helmet company to date.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Reevu Motorcycle Helmets

 Reevu helmet, gone are the day when you had to buy a motorcycle mirror or an attachment for your motorcycle helmet to see at the rear, there is a new brand of helmet with this built in rear view system, it  is so good you won't believe, the company spent seven years just to perfect this helmet and finally it out, if you are looking to buy reevu helmet you have to go straight to the company. The price from what we have been hearing is about $500  it could be a little bit more or less, but well worth your money.
please enjoy this video i picked up hope it answer some of your question thank for your email.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

motorcycle helmets for dogs

Motorcycle helmets for dogs we have a good selection of dog motorcycle helmet in or database, i came across this picture and decide to share it with you, if you are looking to find a helmet for you dog then feel free to use or database most riders these days are not only protecting them self but there pets as well, which is the best decision you could make if your pets are important to you.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

motorcycle helmets build to fit

motorcycle helmets built to fit when choosing a motorcycle helmet you need to make the right decision as we all know that there are no two heads alike so if you are looking for a custom built or a built to fit please choose or database we have thousands of information on where you can find the right helmet to fit your needs the power of now.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

information on promoting motorcycle helmets

information on promoting motorcycle helmets if you are interested in promoting you brand of motorcycle helmets and need a channel to do that then please contact us, or blog generate a large amount of traffic and we are willing to work with you to help your company grow .

Moped Overview

Moped overview i found this YouTube video and would like to share it with you hope all my moped fan enjoy it    This video give some good  information if you are thinking about getting one.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bell motocross helmets

bell motocross helmets is the perfect helmet for the sport if you are not using the bell helmet you are not seeking maximum protection for your head, recent study and information reaching us state that out of all the top brands the 2009 bell motocross helmet was the most effective in a crash, the 2010 model is even better, in order for you to capitalize on all of this you must use the  bell helmet sizing chart, users in uk can certainly say that the  bell motocross helmets uk model is perfect.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

youth off road motorcycle helmets

youth off road motorcycle helmets if you are looking to find the right helmet you need to look the wright place you cant expect to find a motorcycle helmet in the hockey section of the store please see or site for more on what type of helmet you are looking for if you are not success full please let us know and we will be glad to help you. find what you need.

motorcycle helmets toronto ontario

motorcycle helmets Toronto Ontario Canada looking to buy one of the top quality helmet in Toronto then there is a place located at 5243 Steels  Avenue West, Toronto  called Kahuna Power sports it really good, i have been there once and found a very nice helmet for my self, every time i am in a different area i try to get the best of the products, they have all the makes and model you can think about.why not give them a try if you are really interested in getting from the best. if you can't find what you need then please use or database.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Motorcycle buying guide and tips

Go to your local motorcycle dealer in your area and work with them to help you in selecting that best bike for you. Sit down on the model and make you picked, and make sure you're feet are not dragging on the ground. A good dealer will have true knowledgeable sales people.

. Beware of taking curves that you can't see around. A parked truck or a patch of sand may be awaiting you.

. If someone is tailgating you, either speed up to open more space or pull over
and let them pass.
. Wear protective clothing and a helmet
. Do not try to 'get even' with another rider or motorist by giving in to road rage.

. Take a motorcycle safety course to learn what to look for to avoid accidents.
There is No-Fault insurance available to motorcycle riders. This means that in the event of injury in a motorcycle accident, private health insurance must pay the bills.

Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets is  most  important, a helmet's primary purpose is protection, but they also have a number of secondary functions.It seems like an obvious statement. "Motorcycle helmets save lives.Whatever the reason, people must understand there can be no inconvenience when safety is a condition,  Apparently, many motorcyclists don't realize that in addition to size, motorcycle helmets come in a variety of different internal shapes, A motorcyclist who uses quality helmets like KBC motorcycle helmets will not only be safe but will also be comfortable on the road.You wouldn't drive a car without a seat belt, so why even consider riding a motorcycle without the proper safety equipment? Learn what kind of gear you should have before you hit the road. to find more info please use or database.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pink motorcycle helmet

Pink motorcycle helmet this helmet is fast becoming the most popular helmet of choice for females, it was said that 30% of motorcycle riders are ladies so there huge demand for this product is not a surprise the helmet is made by many different company and can be found all around the world. some of these helmet comes with microphone and speakers already install in them.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Orange County Choppers Closes Doors

Orange County Choppers Closes Doors for all the fans of the famous American choppers tv show it is sad to say that the show was canceled and will no long be shown on tv if you want to see the guys you will have to go directly to there shop and that still does not mean you are going to see them, the next step was for them to build helmet to match there choppers

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

orange county chopper spiderman bike

orange county chopper spiderman bike and helmet i say this video and this kid riding very nice and the best looking bike i have see a helmet to match would be really good
this kid is amazing give him a couple of years andy you willl be hearing a loot of good thinks about him.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

300 cc trike

300 cc trike the new model of the trike is so impressive that i had to get one i purchase one for about $4500 just getting acoustom to it so i will let you know what the feed back is i hope it worth the money.

Monday, May 31, 2010

sgv helmet

Sgv helmet is the first SOLID GOLD Helmets and is proud to announce that it is the FIRST motorcycle helmets manufacturer in Malaysia to be certified ISO 9001,not only that they are the first to make children motorcycle helmet in malasyia. recently they have launch the trendy coloured open face called the sgv trendy helmet. Solid gold helmet is the leading manufacture in malasyia and also in international standards and price,they also manufacture & supply industrial helmets and motorcycle accessories. The SGV comes in different style such as the SGV Trendy,SGV Extreme Graphic,SGV Extreme Matt,SGV Extreme Leather.SGV Club,SGV Top with Cap,SGV Passola,SGV Sports,SGV Rider and the list goes on.

calgary bike helmet law

Calgary bike helmet law the city of Calgary in Alberta is one of the most bike friendly city in Canada it has bike paramedic ,bike cops and many other things that most city don't have for this reason there are many more accident but we have a better responce time, over the past couple of months there was  good stewardship of the earth and large increase in motorcycle helmet demand epecially from the ladies, in this city for motorcycle riders.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

motorcycle drivers and passengers should be required to wear helmets

motorcycle drivers and passengers should be required to wear helmets In most states this is serious business passengers and drivers should wear there helmet at all times if caught you will be fined or even get some prison time,what most riders are facing is the up surge in motorcycle helmet theft and for this matter some riders are caught without there helmet the best way around this is to buy a helmet lock and use it keep you helmet like you wallet don loose it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

250cc motor scooter trikes

250cc motor scooter trikes what some riders don't know that a trike might have only three wheels but it is required that you wear your motorcycle helmet in order to abide by the law if not you will face some serious fines there are a lot of trike riders who think that they don't need it but boy they are wrong some

motorcycle safety helmets in ontario

motorcycle safety helmets in Ontario if you are living in Ontario Canada and need to find a good motorcycle helmet then your first choice should be Canadian tire or if you are willing to search around you should try there place you are guaranteed to get a good helmet at a very affordable price

Agv helmet a5047

agv helmet a5047 in 2006 the motorcycle helmet company avg launch this helmet, it gain huge response from the public not only that it was dot and snell approve the average retail price for this top quality helmet was retailing for $145.00 and it is worth it money in gold recent information found on the web that there are still a lot of demand for this model of helmet. if you have any up dated information please feel free to let us know.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

which helmet speakers is right for you

helmet speakers which helmet speakers is right if you are thinking about getting a helmet speakers thee are about four that will top the list in quality and profamance out of these four there is one that i consider the best i am no mean any expert on speakers but i can tell you this i had earned a couple of them well and over trial and failer i can say that some are better than the other.
.HS92 Helmet Speakers with ten being the best in terms price durability, vulome controll, and profomance i give this one a 8.
.XSJ XSJ Helmet Speakers this one comes up with my rating of a 7.
.HS68 Helmet Speakers this one never had good experience with so i give it a 5.
x3 sound helmet speakers this one i will say is the best of all and is rated with a 9.

motorcycle helmet speakers iphone

motorcycle helmet speakers iPhone if you are like me and need to stay in touch with friends using your apple i phone that does not mean because your a motorcycle rider that you have to give up this way of communication i found this video and want all of my followers who have a cell phone to feel confident again while riding.
as all ways please when riding at high speed use caution when using your iphone.

Choosing Chopper Helmets

Choosing motorcycle Chopper Helmets after spending a large amount of money and time building a custom chopper you suddenly ralise that you cant ride it because of the law in you area that say you must wear a helmet if you are using a motorcycle, stump and now wondering what to do, for shore you wont wear that helmet that you would nromaly use for and R1, hears what you should do check out what dot have to offer

The D.O.T. approved chopper helmets ensure your safety. If it does not have the

Padding provides comfort and avoids chafing.A sturdy yet comfortable chin strap that is fully adjustable makes sure the custom chopper helmet is snug tight to your head.

a Proper fit ensures that the chopper helmet will protect your head instead of sliding off your skull

If you do not like to wear goggles or safety glasses, you should consider a face shield to prevent bugs from hitting your eyes and causing accidents this can work both ways as a life safer and a bug gaurd.

Motorcycle Helmet Safety the truth

If you are looking for the safest helmet you can get your hands on, you don 't have to go to the most expensive rack in the store because of a bad incident. regardless of price don't buy in to that garbage, you might have heard fellow riders say don't put a cheap helmet on a priceless head, the best pick is the shoei x11 and the scorpion xl400 they are the number one pick tested by snell this is a pass or fail, Snell testing is world recognise and these helmet meet high standards, don't by into what you see when rides are using a certain brand in a race these riders are getting paid to where these company helmet so when you see then you think automatically that's what you need please don't by into that crap get a Snell tested helmet.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Motorcycle Stunt Riding Finals championship 2003

Motorcycle Stunt Riding Finals 2003 have a look at those dude ride you cant be a weark heart holy shit these guys are good i try some of these stunts my sely but was not so succesful in the end this is one of the reason you should own a motorcycle so much freaking fun.

AGV Helmet Shield Replacement Instructions

AGV Helmet Shield Replacement Instructions For the new guys or for those who just cant get it done buy your self simple and easy i came across tis video this morning and decided to share it with you . if after this video from you tube you cant do it your self then you need to forget about motorcycle and buy a scooter.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ducati Multistrada 1000DS

The riding position is very different from my Honda, very close to that of the MT-03, totally weird at first but lots of fun when you get used to it.
Between us, maybe I did try to provoke a little skidding a couple of times. But hey! It was hilarious, what’s a guy to do. Unfortunately the weather was kind of shitty, so the roads where wet and felt a bit slippery. The rear did skid a few times when I gave it a little throttle out of a sharp corner. Not much, but enough to make me think twice before pushing it further.
The exceptional performance of the Multistrada 1000 DS is derived from its impressive twin-cylinder 1000 DS engine and top-of-the-line Superbike components. the Ducati Multistrada 1000DS shouldn’t work – monster trailie motorcycle dimensions and posture mixed with street brakes and tyres should equal boingy mess – but it does, thanks to clean sheet design and street calibrated suspension.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tip for home back yark motorcycle building

Here are some basic information you should consider before you even think about chopping up your motorcycle if you are not able to do any of these things then you need to get some help from friends or profiles

Cloth Wiring Tips
Custom-Built Exhaust Pipes How-To
* Custom-Built Exhaust Pipes on a Triumph
* How To Install A Solo Seat
* How to Shorten Triumph / British Forks
* How To Narrow a Motorcycle Gas Tank
* How to Radius a Motorcycle Fender
* Marking your throttle cable fit your Amal Carb
* How to Install a Chopper Oil Tank
* How to Install a Tapered Roller Bearing Conversion Kit
* Clutch Tech – The Triumph Cush Drive
* How to Shorten a Motorcycle Chain
* Custom Motorcycle Fork Stops

Please don,t waist your time and money and think you can do it your seld just get the help belive me i tryed in my early days and i wish i had some good advise like this.

harley davinson dont waste your time

Mate please don't waste your time with a Harley, yes ok they look and sound good but the cons out weight the pro's so much and i don't care what you heard about then, they're shit, we had one for about 4 years and it rusted like heck, heavy, poor finish ect. Got an R1 now, won't look back.

Suzuki GSX R 1000 Yoshimura

This is the most beautiful bike i have ever see full of power and fun to ride holy shit this is sweet stuff
in 2008 Suzuki gsxr 1000 was one of the fastest bike, mainly due to it high performance 1000 exhaust it is still a leading bike and the  gsxr 1000 motorcycle will stay this way in my book for a long time if you find a bike that out beat this one please us know about it.

yamaha r1 verses suzuki gsxr k4 from Bulgaria

Look, all of you people saying the Supra didn't stand a chance against the bike what the hell are you on? I'm a bike fan but here, their is clear 'video' evidence of the Supra accelerating at the same rate as the bikes. It doesn't matter what age they are they still have excellent acceleration 'It's a BIKE!' and also the Supra passed them at top speed. Stop making excuses that the riders are shit because from what I seen they were quite good 'I doubt you would do any better or come close' so shh

People stop trying to cover up for the bikes, I really don't give a shit if you have had a superbike and can't handle that a 470hp or whatever fvcking power output it has kept up with the bikes. It's 'clear' video evidence that the Supra was match for top spec bikes yet you still can't handle it, deal with it and live with it! who knows I will give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe it has more bhp. Don't always believe some text

2008 Yamaha R6 - Sportbike First Ride

This is one of the best sounding sportbikes out there, sounds intimidating! This is gonna be my first bike ever that i'll purchase new. I've done lots of research, and if you've riden before, and are familiar with these bikes, you can't go wrong with one of these. I'm actually steping down from a 1982 GS1100. It will shit n' get, but dam that thing is a heavy bastard. This is a stretch but: If a brand new rider absolutely had his/her heart set on a 600cc motorcycle, I'd recommend the R6 because it's low-end and mid-range power won't get you into (as much) trouble when you're riding around town and you hit a bump and twist the throttle by accident.

2006 Yamaha R6 Street Motorcycle Test

The Daytona is really fun but a little to aggressive for me. You sit really tall in the rear end and it puts a lot of pressure on the wrists, so great track bike, so so on the street.

if you are looking to do some serious testing then have a look ate this video i found for you.

2010 motorcycle adventure happy times

have u ever dream of going acrossAfrica on motorcycle? Surfing through dailymotion this morning I found some Yamaha Super Teneré videos that got me dreaming of long motorcycle journeys. I was never that big on Africa so I’d probably seek east. Maybe start out in Finland and ride all the way through Russia to China. Sounds like one hell of an adventure to me.

Open Face 3/4 Shell Motorcycle Helmets DOT Certified

Open Face 3/4 Shell Motorcycle Helmets - DOT CertifiedHow good is your helmet? Will it actually protect your brain in your next crash?

These seem like easy questions, ones you probably think you can answer by reciting the lofty standards your helmet meets and the lofty price you might have paid for it. But the real answers, as you are about to see, are anything but easy,The three-quarter helmet seems to have been very popular in the 1970s, when there was a huge surge in motorcycle ownership

approved motorcycle helmets is for all of us

approved motorcycle helmets have you ever realise that it is getting harder and harder to ride your motorcycle with out a motorcycle helmet on weather it was approved or not you must wear it that is the law and friends don't care what they are using this is bad for or safety

scorpion motorcycle helmets the new sting

scorpion motorcycle helmets this helmet has a new sting to it and it venum is spreading like wild fire if you check out he latest makr you will see what i am talking about

shoei helmets vs agv helmets

shoei helmets vs agv helmets in my litle opinion i think that the avg helmet is by far the best on the market but some are saying that shoei helmet is stron safe and comfortable well i guest that is left up to the riders to decide.

the kbc helmets is king but cool

kbc helmets this is just a short was of me saying kbc helmet are really nice not a big fan for it cool any way not much to say about this brand.

scorpion helmets waste of money

scorpion helmets waste of money for me i had one ad did not like it so i sold it cheap guest the othere guy like it better than me it just does not fee right

motorcycle half helmets the real deal

motorcycle half helmetswhat if i tell you that the half helmet is no god would you belive me ,most of you wont but i would not say that because i own one and it is really nice just tryied it out today and the feel is great

motor cycle helmets

motor cycle helmetsthis blog on motor cycle helmets page is one of the most popular destination for most bloggers and search who see to find information on motor cycle helmet, motorcycle helmet generate a lot of intrest and concern to most love ones, i have been receiving a lot of email from concern love one to write and post on the safety and the inportance of using the helmet due to the large amount of traffic and motorcycle riders this blog reaches,in the near furture i will post an article on this so stay tuned fot eh uptades.

Agv helmet shield

agv helmet shield why it is important to choose the right avg shelled my friends don choose because of looks choose because of performance the darker tinted shades will protect you more from the glear of the sun if you are riding a sudden flash can cause an serious accident don make bad decision do it right i have the tinted and so far ot fine for me.

avg helmet parts

avg helmet parts when it comes to the best you should not just choose aftermarket parts for the real deal parts are very important and can make the difference between life and death i like my agv helmet so i go direct to there website for parts in the event that i need some no substute will do for shore so please do the same.

AGV Ti-Tech Rossi Helmet

I am Trying to decide between the 46" Rossie VR46" version or the Rossi Moto GP graphics was an very hard decision. But I'm shore that it is simple graphical statements, the super and perfectly applied yellow, black and orange jagged edges really does it for me. Who knows maybe I'll end up with both models someday. Do you think maybe I could convince Vale to autograph one for me that is if he will do it i dought it any way it is worth a try?

This helmet is buy far one of the best of agv and the decision to choose is so hard but when it comes down to crunch time i will make the right decision and choose the 46 " the graph is so nice that i think most people get to attracted yo the graphic alone,

I like the graphics enough that if I never wore the helmet and just sat it on a shelf to admire it, I'd be happy. sorry that may be its fate, due to what we think is a strange sizing problem, which we'll get to in due course.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

agv helmets

agv helmets Why i love avg helmet so much well every one have there helmet of choice and mine is avg, avg is one of the best helmet i have use for years it is super comfortable and sleek design make it easy to use, the protection i hear is very goo fortunate for me i have never had the chance to test it and i hope it stay that way, the helmet comes in many different colours and size such as agv ti tech helmet,agv Rossie helmet, agv stealth helmet,Valentino Rossie agv helmet,agv blade helmet,agv k3 helmet and the list goes on i could mention a lot more for you but not today, any way if you are looking for comfort and performance the i would choose agv but the decision is yours i just like this make and brand.

motorcycle in ontario

motorcycle in Ontario living in Ontario and being a owner of a motorcycle can be a fun ad exciting ting but some time you are face with challenges like getting the right motorcycle parts, such as tires brakes, cables switches and accuracies well if you are not to familiar with the area you are in you will most likely spend a whole day just looking for one simple parts the way i do it is buy using a classified site called man they have a lot of motorcycle owners willing to sell there bike and part for a very cheap price so you can almost narrow down you search.

used motorcycle

used motorcycle If you are looking to buy a cheap used motorcycle don't look far, there are many place you can get some good quality motorcycle ,in your area for example look at craiglist .org and check your area you will find at least 10 people selling a motorbike, or for shore you will find a motorcycle at a better price and condition than a dealer.If you are living in canada some of the places on craiglist where you will find these are in Toronto, Mississauga and oakville guaranteed that you will be happy.

motorcycle helmet locks

motorcycle helmet locks and the importance if you are concern about your safety when riding your motorcycle the you must spend the time and invest in a motorcycle helmet lock the are lots to choose from but the fact of the matter is if some one really want to steal your helmet then they can do so given that they have alot of time on there hands and no one is around, but if the condition are not in there favour and you have a motorcycle helmet lock you will keep it and some day save your own life the lock that i use and find to be the most effective is those that have cables it could be of any brand.

motorcycles gloves

The are many motorcycle glove out there on the market to day but i will only talk about a couple, when it come to motorcycle gloves some people think that you can just use any glove you can buy in a store,well this is not the case you need good grip and sweat free material to have comfortable ride, this is why i choose avg glove this is buy far the best brand i have come across and belive me i have used a lot,kevlar motorcycle gloves, is also a good choise but from feedbacks some rides complain that it is a bit uncomfortable after using for a long time.icon motorcycle gloves and teknic motorcycle gloves are the next of choise so when buying glove be shore to buy carefully.