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MOTORCYCLE HELMETS the motorcycle helmet, The first motorcycle was invented by Gottlieb Daimler in 1885.The first motorcycle helmet was invented by Prof. Charles F. Lombard who developed a unique energy absorbing helmet for the United States Air Force. in those day the helmet was just in it infancy stage and was not properly tested as yet but the whole concept of the inventor was to save life and reduce brain damage to the rider,those day the helmet was very heavy and uncomfortable to use not much riders understand the use and the importance, of the helmet. when the helmet was invented we cant seen to get a solid source of the exact color that the helmet was, but information reaching our desk state that it was black.the inventor now passed away but left a lasting effect on many riders.

What is the function of the motorcycle helmet, the sole function of the motorcycle helmet is to save life and reduce the damage cause buy accident to the human brain. some may argue that the function is not even important some even say that the motorcycle helmet is not as effective as they claim it to be,there are even supersticion surround the helmet never the less the helmet was desind to save life and it has done so over and over again if you go to the archive on this blog and check the accident video you will see the proven results of the motor cycle helmet and i am shore that many riders can testify to what i am saying here on this is all way to stay safe and wear your helmet.

What is the motorcycle helmet made from
some may not no this but it is made up of three layer the outer shell the inner shell and the comfort padding. the outer shell is a thin hard plastic about a 16Th of an inch this this is the area where you see the color of the helmet,the inner shell is made of a high tech foam which is design to absorbed and distribute the force of impact, the comfort padding is just made from many different material this is used to create a comfortable feeling when wearing the helmet, all three layers combine together give the helmet a strong and solid protection for the rider, but the helmet is only as effective if the rider use it correctly and safely with compromising the helmet it self all ways follow the manufacture instruction on all models.

Why should we where your motorcycle helmet
some riders may argue that the motorcycle helmet in uncomfortable when riding. some say there is no reason to where the motorcycle helmet,well let me ask you the readers and users of the motorcycle helmets this question? If you are going along a high way and a motor van cross in front of you, with out warning you have to take immediate action but as a result of that you collided with a truck rear end head first what would you have to say about the use of the helmet was it a wise choice to use it or not, well my answer to that is, that may have been the most important decisions you have ever made in your life, the life you save might just be your own that is a saying i came across a long time ago, so don't be fooled by the other half of the population that it is uncomfortable and useless be smart and use it. I can't stress how important it is to use your motorcycle helmet.please have a look at the accident video i posted on Th's blog to see what i am talking about.

Consequence of not using the motorcycle helmet, this should be a no brainier to you, you will get he rt what can go wrong will go wrong, now as i mention about the accidents above you are not the only one suffering after you get in an accident with out your motorcyle helmet, most of you riders have family and close friends who care very much about you they suffer as well not fiscally pain but emotional
stress when they have to look at your life less body on the street or in the hospital. saying to there self i should have made him wear his helmet,as a result of you car less action everyone pay the price for this mistake you have made.Some riders will live to see there kids some will not the choice you make will determined that, all way use your motorcycle helmet properly.

The prop per way for you to use your
motorcycle helmets believe it or not their is a right and a wrong way to wear you motorcycle helmet, first you must shop for a quality helmet and don't let price be a factor, now after you select your helmet brand you need to check to see if your helmet will offer you any protection in the event of an accident .1) you need to put your helmet on then use the strap and fasten the helmet tightly to your head. 2)Now place one hand to the back of the helmet and one to the front an pull the helmet from the back of you head to the front in a slow motion if the helmet comes off your head this is not the correct size for you,3) repeat this process until you have a helmet that stays on your head, on the first page of this blog or if you use the archive you can find instruction on how to properly wear your helmet in the form of video and text.

What you should never do with your motorcycle helmet
There are certain thing you should never do with your motorcycle helmet, never leave it in the rain for many reasons you don't want to we are a wet helmet because this could make you loose concentration and cause you to get in some form of accident, never leave it unattended on you motorcycle, with out a motorcycle helmet lock epically if you are far away from home, thief will see this as a opportunity to take what does not belong to them,never lend out your motorcycle helmet or borrow get your own as i mention before your helmet must fit you properly in order to provide full protection.

What are the different brand of motorcycle helmet the are many brand of helmet but the most popular and effective helmet are listed as follow these are not in any specific orders. hjc motorcycle helmet,arai motorcycle helmet,honda motorcycle helmet,bell motorcycle helmet, suzuki motorcycle helmet, avg motorcycle helmet,icon motorcycle helmet,kbc motorcycle helmets,nolan motorcycle helmets,zamp motorcycle helmets,vemar motorcycle helmets,shoei motorcycle helmets,shark motorcycle helmets,joe rocket motorcycle helmets. the motorcycle helmets listed above are the top rated and brand on the market.please note that no motorcycle helmet can guaranteed you a safe outcome from an accident so all ways ride your motorcycle with extreme caution.

What make some helmet different from others there are three different type of motorcycle helmet the are the full face motorcycle helmet, half face motorcycle helmet,and the open face motorcycle ,The full face helmet as described covers the full face of the motorcycle rider, this helmet offer the most protection from injury in an accident, the half face helmet as mention only covers half of the face of the helmet and thus only give half of Thor protection of the full face helmet, then you have the open face helmet, which have a large opening in the from and around the helmet this helmet offer minimal protection for the rider. thus leaving the full face helmet the helmet of choice.

Price verse's safety or protection which is cheaper i can't stress enough that it is very important that you choose a quality motorcycle helmet as i mention earlier that some manufactures may make cheap motorcycle helmet but that does not mean that you are getting quality for your money nothing good comes cheap Thea same with helmets, now you make think that you are saving money or even don't have enough money to buy a quality motorcycle helmet but, if you were involved in an accident you are more likely to spend three times more on medical bill or accident damage to you bike or body, you can make the choice of spending more now or spending more later on medical bills.

The best place to get your motorcycle helmet are from the top quality manufacture who are in the business for years and have many experience and feed back from the motorcycle riders thems sell, also company that care about the riders not just about profits some of these company brand xare bell motorcycle helmet, hjc motorcycle helmets, arai motorcycle helmets,these brand are in the top top list of preferred buy choice based on reviews.

Myth about motorcycle helmets there are a lot of myth on motorcycle helmets out there some are just to ridicules to mention i came across a blog that say you should Ware you helmet and walk around your house a couple of time before going on the road that is just bull, i this what he was trying to say is wear it to get comfortable, before going on the road,some even say that you should put it on and walk in you house with it on back words this to to some how work of back vibes this is a myth as well it A all in your mind, if you believe some thing it will happen so please don't pay any attention to these ridiculous myth.

Is it safe to safe to use a damage motorcycle helmets the answer is no no you should never consider even using a motorcycle helmet that was in a crash, if you do you have no protection from the damages helmet, the in foam that was design to protect you head in most cases is damaged and will not protect you,

There are a couple of things that you can add to you new motorcycle helmet these are motorcycle helmet intercom which allowed communication between rider and passenger or even two different motorcycle riders in a given amount of space, you can also add a motorcycle helmet camera that take a video image of you journey these is a great way to share your experience with some other riders or for new riders who might not no what to do in certain situation.

You can also add some motorcycle helmet decal just for cosmetics and making you helmet look fancy or even have your helmet airbrushed buy a professional.

Keeping your helmet safe you should all ways keep your motorcycle helmet safe is a cool dry area away from moisture. how do you no when it is time to up grade to a motorcycle helmet as long as it was not damage your helmet can last for years,if you are a youth and still growing then after time you will out grow your helmet other than that it should be with you for a very long time all ways remember ride say and the life you save may just be you own.

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motorcycle helments

motorcycle helments

I you are looking to buy a motorcycle then you have a large selection to choose fro there are many different manufacture and and company that sell motorcycle helments but that does not mean you are getting quality. here are some good quality helmet.

Some of the best company you can get these helmet from are ari, honda bell hjc and suzuki these are the top quality helmet manufuctare you can find

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident
I decide to post a couple of vidoes from youtube about motorcycle accidents,i am so concern about motorcycle riders and wearing there helmet that i had to post all these vidoes if this dont get there attention notting will i hope id do get there attention and they use there helmet.

Fatal motorcycle crash

Motorcycle rider hit from behind

Motorcycle crash at 170 mph

Girl fall off motorcycle

Girl on bike

Higher boost turbo

Mortal combat bike family

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airbrushed racing helmets

Motorcycle Helmet
THE NEXT LEVEL IN INSANE MOTORCYLE ART%26hellip;MOVE OVER AIRBRUSH! DURABLE 3D SCULPTURE PROVEN TO LAST! PURE STREET EVIL! Posted by admin Published in Uncategorized. Low beam in mouth-high beam in eyes! ... Posted by Best Blogs at 6:39 PM ... Since Bike riders spend most of their time doing stunts, racing, riding on steep hills, uneven ground and rough terrain, the Helmet becomes the most important component of a biker safety gear. Choosing the right equipment should not ...

airbrushed helmet designs

Cool airbrushed helmets | Jorymon Techblog
Tags: airbrush, airbrush art, airbrush custom paint, airbrush helmet designs, airbrush motorcycle helmets, airbrush paint, airbrushed full face helmets, airbrushed hockey helmets, airbrushing, bike, custom paint, helmet, hockey helmets, ...

motorcycle helmetss

Four Tips on How to Choose the Perfect motorcycle Helmet | BB Articles
Whether you're in the market for your first motorcycle helmet or just for a new, updated version, many factors exist in finding the perfect choice.

airbrushed motorcycle hemets

Low beam in mouth-high beam in eyes! Works great-all halogen lights. One off for our twisted skull bike...we make all sorts of custom parts, helmets and. ... BAD CUSTOM SKULL motorcycle HEADLIGHT ON SICK BUT STREETABLE SHOW BIKE. TWISTED 3D ARTWORK BY BLUE FLAME ALLEY. THE NEXT LEVEL IN INSANE MOTORCYLE ART%26hellip;MOVE OVER AIRBRUSH! DURABLE 3D SCULPTURE PROVEN TO LAST! PURE STREET EVIL! Posted by admin Published in Uncategorized. Low beam in mouth-high beam in eyes! ...

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Motorcycle price online

2,000 expected at Little Orleans Motorcycle rally - Cumberland Times-News
LITTLE ORLEANS %26mdash; More than 7,000 people are expected to attend the sixth annual East Coast Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that officially begins today at Apple Mountain off Exit 68 of Interstate 68, according to event promoter Ken Appel. %26ldquo;We're ...

Motorcycle helmets price

7,000 expected at Little Orleans Motorcycle rally - Cumberland Times-News
LITTLE ORLEANS %26mdash; More than 7,000 people are expected to attend the sixth annual East Coast Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that officially begins today at Apple Mountain off Exit 68 of Interstate 68, according to event promoter Ken Appel. %26ldquo;We're ...

Motorcycle helmet online

Crash victim cautions others - Topeka Capital-Journal
Brandon Moore wasn't wearing a helmet when he crashed his Motorcycle into a tree last year, and he lived to tell about it. Not that he would recommend doing what he did. "It was pretty stupid," Moore said, shaking his head from his wheelchair this ...

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Helmets accessories

Shop sales tax free in area this weekend - Daily Home Online
Area cities are looking forward to participating in the statewide annual sales tax holiday. The sales tax holiday begins today and ends at midnight on Sunday. %26ldquo;We are happy to participate in the sales tax holiday,%26rdquo; said Pell City Mayor Bill ...

motorcycle helmets accessories

Automotive %26 accessories motorcycle parts and a good helmet
The most important part or accessory for a motorcycle is not its tires or the engine {although they are nearly as important} but there can only be a matter of life and death if you chose the wrong helmet. Not all the helmets offered ...

helmets for motorcycle

motorcycle Philippines � Blog Archive � Spyder Big Bike Blowout .
for the entire promo, Spyder gave away a total of 60 bicycle helmets, 30 motorcycle helmets, 15 iPods, 12 Olympus waterproof digital cameras, 9 Mountain Bikes, 6 3G iPhones, 3 Honda XRMs and 1 Honda CBR600 RR for the grand prize. ...

motercycle helmet

Debate Over Motorcycle helmet Law Heats Up - Local News Story .
ROGERS, Ark. -- Some say wearing a helmet on a motorcycle is just common sense, but for others it's a restriction. Tuesday, August 4, 2009.

helmet city

Getting There: Ocean city to vote on scooter helmet law - From .
The Ocean city Council will cast a final vote tonight on a proposal to require people who ride rental scooters at the beach resort to wear helmets while operating them on city streets. The measure, which would exempt, scooters operated ...

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motorcycle helmet communications

Stilo VerbaVolant motorcycle helmet Bluetooth Communicator from ...
famous for their WRC rally helmets and communication gear used by rally drivers (multiple world champion Sebastian Loeb uses it), have released a Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets. Called Stilo VerbaVolant, the rather interesting ...

green motorcycle helmet

Bell Sports DOT Drifter motorcycle helmet - Combat green Canvas
EXL-20 DOT FLAT BLACK POLO STYLE HALF motorcycle helmet. Georg Jensen Antique Spoons Sports Bra Xl. Bell Sports DOT Drifter motorcycle helmet- Combat Black Canvas 109.95 Bell Sports DOT Drifter motorcycle helmet- Combat green Canvas ...

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motorcycle 2 way helmet communications

Midland announces BT Rebel bluetooth intercom | motorcycle News ...
Midland Radio announced today the launch of the newest addition to its Bluetooth Wireless Intercom Systems, the BT Rebel, a wireless multimedia system suited for the solo motorcycle rider. As the leader in two-way communication products ...

motorcycle helmet bluetooth

Stilo VerbaVolant motorcycle helmet bluetooth Communicator from ...
famous for their WRC rally helmets and communication gear used by rally drivers (multiple world champion Sebastian Loeb uses it), have released a bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets. Called Stilo VerbaVolant, the rather interesting ...

motorcycle helmet butterfly decals

german motorcycle helmet

german motorcycle helmets For You | motorcycle helmets 4 Less
If you are looking for a german motorcycle helmet, there are many quality options available to you. You can check out your local helmet shop and you can check out a number of german motorcycle helmets. There are helmet makers that offer ...

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icon hooligan motorcycle helmets

Ireland motorcycle Jacket, Hoodiestyle Leather motorcycle Jacket ...
www. on the sum total icon hooligan Decay Mesh motorcycle Jacket. icon motorcycle Jackets - icon motorcycle Jackets - offers the healthy clue of Mens and. ...

discount novelty motorcycle helmets

Dot Black Flame Shorty Half Shell motorcycle Helmet Dull Black ...
Black Shorty motorcycle Helmet w Neck Chrome Polo novelty motorcycle Helmet. DOT Skull Cap Helmet in Flat or Gloss Black %26 Free Shipping. Daytona Skull Cap motorcycle helmets are the smallest DOT Approved half shell helmets. ...

john deere motorcycle helmet

Quadrajet Lean Main Jets, helmetless Stereo motorcycle Intercom ...
deere, Kawasaki, john deere, 160 165, 5 hp Kawasaki, 160 165 5 hp. john deere 425 Kawasaki 20 hp liquid-cooled engine ... Vintage Lot of john deere Snowmobile Parts CCW ... deere 425 Kawasaki Kawasaki fd620d ignition module NO . ...

john deere motorcycle

We all know that john deere is a well establish company for many years and will be this way for the years to come recent information comming to my desk that this company is now venturing in making top quality motorcycle helmet than all the othe brands out there on the market today, for 2010 and beyond.
Now we all no that motorcycle helmet very important that is why this company is going in this direction,they are confident in there quality of products they produce if you are intrested in finding out more i suggest you can visit

John deere custom chopper

I came across this video on youtube and had to share it with you this is a well design bike

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hjc ac-3 motorcycle helmet

hjc Carbon Fiber helmet
An hjc carbon fiber helmet is definitely the way to go if you're in the market for carbon fiber motorcycle helmets. hjc has carbon fiber half helmet styles that fit into the category of carbon fiber DOT helmets. Or, for more protection, ...

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Motorcycle Helmet Lock

If the motorcycle helmet lock dosent keep you motorcycle helmet safe what will.

Some motorcycle helmet cost a great deal of money, But now you need to keep it safe while you are away from your bike. You can accomplish this with a motorcycle helmet lock.

The right lock for the motorcycle helmet may come in black. This will usually sell for about four to ten dollars a piece they can be bought online or your nearest motorcycle helmet dealer.

The Motorcycle helmet lock are very useful. It is the only thing that protect you if your involved in a motorcycle accident. It is essential that you get the right kind of lock to protect your helmet, which in turns protect you head.

This could save the rider from serious brain injury or death.

How to choose a Motorcycle helmet

This is How to choose a motorcycle helmet but i thought I would just give you a few pointers. There are a few little things that I learned a long time while looking for a motorcycle helmet, that maybe of interest to you. Out of all the fatalities that involves motorcycles come from a chin collision which may drive you to get a full faced helmet.

You must note that The motorcycle helmet is no good if it doesn't stay on your head when you get in an accident.

1 You should check to see if the helmet you are trying on will fit firm on your head using a simple test.

2 Fasten the strap snugly you should feel some force on your chin. Then grab the rear of the helmet and try to lift it up and roll it forward off your head. Even when it hurts, you should not be able to get the helmet off.

This is more likely to be an issue with the open face helmets, but we have seen some helmet that fail this test. On most helmets, the strap will fasten by passing through two D rings. I think this is the most effective, convenient and comfortable fastening system.

You have to wear your helmet for a bit to get used to it and allow the motorcycle helmet to break in.

The most important thing is to ride with caution and it will not matter if you choose the right helmet.

One other piece of device you should consider is the motorcycle helmet intercom, there are some that is coustom made in the helmet others you can buy and wear with your hemet.

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Catcher youth helmet automatically adjusts and grips wear heads of different sizes. The helmet has a rigid shell with shock absorbing foam pads secured to the interior of the shell. There is an elastic band that extend within the helmet, and the mid portion secured to the back of the helmet The two piece helmet is designed especially for the youngster that needs to get his helmet on and off quickly .

The V-shaped elastic band snugly cradles and forwardly biases the helmet on the wearer's head and tends to space the helmet from the wear as head at the sides and rear areas. The catchers helmet is known as a half-hat, and in combination with a catchers mask provides the same function as the batter's helmet. The helmet is believed particularly useful in youth baseball games which have limited budgets and time to individually fit helmets to players' heads.

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Motorcycle Helmets | Motorcycle Helmet Lock

There are four different components that work together that provide good protection in the motorcycle helmet The outer shell,impact absorbing liner,the comfort padding,good retention system.

The Outer Shell: This is usually made from a thermoplastic composite like polycarbonate.Very strong but design to compress upon impact. This helmet action disperses the energy before it reaches your head.

The impact absorbing liner: This part of the motorcycle helmet

is usually made from Styrofoam a thick layer which absorbs the shock upon impact of the helmet.

The comfort padding:It is the most comfortable part of the helmet this is usually made from a soft cloth and foam layer some motorcycle helmet padding can be removed for cleaning.

The retention system: This is the part of the motorcycle helmet the keep the helmet on your head when your in a crash.Every time you where your helmet fasten your helmet strap on your motorcycle helmets..